My fellow Nigerians, we all always think of what kind of country we want to live in. How do we engage youths in politics? WHO IS THE FATHER OF DEMOCRACY? Not Thomas Sefferson, as many people oddly seem to think it was. It was, in fact, the little known Cleisthenes. He first introduced democracy to the Greek city states (undoubtedly) following some of the principles previously set forth by Solon in 508 BC, after he gained political power in Athens. From 502 to 508 BC, he began to develop a series of major reforms, leading to the formation of Athenian Democracy. He made all free men living in Athenian and Attica citizens, giving them right to vote as part of a democracy society. He also established a council.

All citizens over the age of thirty were eligible to sit on the council encouraging public involvement in the government. While the format may not be the same as the many democracies around the world today in which Nigeria is part of them, there is no doubt that this was the first step. You need to defend and fight for your right. If there is one message that echoes from this article, let it be that youths must have right to participate in the Nigeria politics.

There are countless studies that tell us that youths have greater abilities to fully contribute to the economy, the workplace, their homes and communities if they have access to equal opportunities for politics, education, health care and social protection services and to decent work, and the recognition and valuing of unpaid care and domestic work if they have life free of violence and discrimination. These abilities can be even greater if youths have access and control over economic resources as well as full and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in all sectors of political, economic and public life. Nigeria as a country may be very last in involving youth in politics but at the end of the day (I mean the future) we shall be the first to introduce youths into the politics.


In politics, we voted these candidates to change the development of our nation, but, do they really do what we ask them to do? There are many youths in this country that can change the development of our nation based on our needs and wants. And that is the major purpose of having good politics and governance. We shall never sell out our rights or rather allow our rights to be sold by these people. Our youths always think of what the government shall do for us rather than thinking of what we are going to do to help these governments and this nation in particular in order to become great in the future. We must mean whatever we say and mean whatever we really say. As they say: if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. Have our present leaders planned on what they have been doing?


Our youths must not give up when all hopes are not lost but all hopes are lost only when they give up. Youths are serious in whatever they do and they always try to meet their goals. Youths are ready to lead once and more. Nigerians should give the youths chances known to have new era of responsibilities. Youths are a moment that will defend our generation to come and that will create their works of remarking. Youth understand the task before them, and they will be grateful for you to bestow trust in them, and they will have a mindful of the sacrifices in which the great ancestors hard in the past. The youths understand that many people have lost homes through insurgence, health care is not in good shape and our schools (primary, secondary and tertiary Institutions) are not functioning well, and our energy is not stable, and the threat is everywhere in the state through insurgence. The political powers in the whole Nigeria can create new policies, systems, and cultures that will make the youths engage the political world in an active manner. Youths’ economic empowerment in the changing world of work and the largest youth cohort in history are entering the labour market in unprecedented numbers and tack the biggest job crisis! Youths must have powerful and artistically unique contributions to the modern Nigeria. The question is when will youths be blown up? Meaning to take charge of what surely belongs to them. Youths must seek for their liberties by having faith and belief; in themselves.


Youths shall stand to the end, youth shall stand for their rights, youth shall stand for what they belong to them; youths shall participate in, politics to make the leaders. Youth shall stand for their rights to have a new Nigeria; these youths fight must be with all their power and might and steps forth to the rescue of Nigeria as a country from economic crisis. Youths are the leaders of today and tomorrow. I want to say something to the youths of Nigeria who are reading this article. I know it is hard to understand, but sometimes painful things like these happen. It is all part of the process of exploration and discovery. It is all part of taking a chance and expanding the youth’s horizons.

The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted: It belongs to the brave. Youth must see this Nigeria that is not over rather because only the dead have seen the end of war. Our Nigeria Youths must ask themselves what is our aim? This can be answered in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs – Victory in spite of all terrors – Victory, however long and hard the road may be, far without victory there is no survival for the youths in this nation called Nigeria. Investing in youths has a multiplier effect on poverty eradication, productivity as well as sustainable economic growth. Information and Communication Technology play a key role to enhance education, learning opportunities and skill development. They also open doors for youth engagement, for political participation and to advocate for their interests, rights and for social transformation.

The youth are the ones who have the greatest power in changing the arena of the social environment. We know of people who have given up their creative careers to some into politics and to community service, we know of communities career politicians and we also know of the greed and the slovenly types who live off public properties. The youth can change the world through politics by actively pursuing it through their expression and by giving meaning to the dynamics of their cause. They can influence the world through politics by being substantially and consciously present in their everyday lives in areas that involve not only political parties but beyond. The youth have charisma, acknowledge and dedication to run the offices of our leadership.

Nigeria as a nation has to take to tactics of making politics to appear cool in order to seduce the youth of their nation. Throughout the 2008 electoral election in the United States, youth played a significant role in the Campaign to elect Barack Obama as the 44th President. Youth turnout in the 2008 election was ranked as one of the highest ever reported (Youth vote in 2008 election, 2009). In fact, statistic showed that although more 18-29 years old came out to the polls. This new innovation makes the youths to have made political action easier, faster and more universal.


The political candidates must fulfill and do what they promise rather than promising without fulfilling their promises. Our youths must not be quitters because the quitters never win and the winners never quit. Our youths must not give up when all hopes are not lost but all hopes are lost only when they give up. We can never be satisfied with….. and as the people do not believe in youth. We …. not give them chance to rule or participate old people which are still ruling us. We can never be satisfied as long as this is a continuous neglect of our youth in the politics. You must have faith in them so that they will be able to rule this nation. Youth must have faith in them in order to participate in the politics, with the faith; they will take Nigeria to the promising land. With this faith, they bring positive changes to this nation. With this faith, they will be able to transform this nation to the people’s expectations. Youths in the whole world need to go back to their nation. Youths instead to go back to their states, Youth need to go back to their communities, know that somehow they have to participate in polities in order to be able to rule this country.

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