Generally speaking, global economic development aim supposed to be a process of change that needs to focus on the Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy and betterment of the community, state and or nation. Economics development may be very difficult to implement at times even some countries but if the global countries can accept paradigm for organizing the business and financial and even to some extent the governmental sectors of a nation. Global economics development project must be typically involved large capital investments in infrastructure, industry, education and financial institutions.

Global economic development must have a foundation for building a prosperous society, a successful commercial enterprise, business sector, citizenry and the face of development must base on an economic equality. Global economic development needs to be one of the goals the attention of government. The global economic recession in national economic development reflect changes occurring at the state and local levels and can impact local economic development planning.

The only method to meet present global economic needs is to ensure that we introduce and implement a sustainable development without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The only method our global economic development can be managed and controlled is by introducing sustainable development which is going to recognize the dynamic nature of social, political, technological and economic factors in a country (state and local community).

The sustainable development will not oppose our economic growth but it will focus on efforts to answer the question, “How do we grow?”

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